Thursday, December 28, 2006


It was the beggining of Cristmas vaccation.I was totally free from my studies for
10 days..So me and my friend Mr.brodsky decided to dedicate a one day for
exploring the beauty of enchanting Valiyaparmba island.A day was fixed.
Valiyaparamba,is located about 20 km from Kanhangad, is a serene backwater
destination in Kasargod district of Kerala ..It is fed by four rivers and dotted
with numerous little islands

At the day of our journey I get into the bus going
to Payannur at 11`o`clock in the morning.My friend accompanied me from Nileshwar.
Bus moved trough NH17.We came across beautiful Nileshwarm and Tejaswini rivers..
Coconut palms and lust green paddy fields appeared on the either
sides of the road through out our journey.After about 30 minutes
we reached Trikaripur where Valiyaparamba is located.We get out
of the bus and walked trough the streets of trikaripur town.
Our destination is to enjoy the backwaters of Valiyaparamba and to
see Idayilakadyu.Idayilakadu is a small island in the Valiyaparamba lake.
Many peoples where staying in this small island.Road is built across the
lake which connects it to the main land .Main attraction of this river island is the
sacred groove called“Idayilakadu sarpa kavu”.We moved trough the road
passing through the lake.Cool wind was blowing and i was ..fascinated by the beauty
of the lake.But main disturbance was the hot glowing sun.I found large number
of jelly fishes floating in the water.It is a poisonus type of jelly fish and even a
small touch will cause itching ..I stepped down into the lake and took a snap of it.
Sacred groove of Idayilakadu is inhabited by large number
of common langurs.poisonus snakes like Cobra ,Vipers are also found in this
grooves.We kept our boots out side and entered into the groove.i found there differ
ent varities of butterflies.birds such as hoopoe,drongo,crow phesants,pond herons,
egrets,were very commonAt the middle of the groove there was a statue of snake god.
We offered some flowers and returned back.It was very entertaining to watch the
playing of monkeys.They cause many disturbances to the local peoples that stays here.
After again walking for about 20 minutes we reached Idayilakadu
boat jetty.An old man with his boat was waiting for travellers.We occupied the
seat on the boat.Boat slowly moved through the back waters.. lake was covered
by coccunut palms which give a spectacular beauty to the lake.Beautiful Ezhimala
mountains where seeing far away from us.House boats
were rushing trough the lake with foreign tourists.I got a great chance
for boating. Boating in these back waters was the wonderful and the most
fantastic experience I had that day

We sat under the shades of coconut palms and had chat with that old man and
enjoyed the beauty of the lake.There was a small tea shop nearby.
We ordered for a tea.Tea was supper and had a fragnance of cardamom.After getting
stimulation from a cup of cardamom tea we then moved to the Valiyaparmba beach
and waited for sunset.shores where lined by the coconut palms.After seeing the
beautiful golden sunset we then wind up our journey…that was the end of
another beautiful day.

Valiyaparamba is perhaps the most scenic backwater
stretch in Kerala.but Although Valiyaparamba is a tourist trail, there is a
dearth of locals. Except for the people accompanying the visitor, there is nobody
around.I found only some foreigners there that day.God has given hand full of
natural beauty to Kerala.but god has given luck only for foreigners to enjoy
the natural beauty of Kerala.

My journey continues… search of new unknown beautiful places…
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Friday, November 24, 2006


It was on nov 17 that me and my friends decided to go to Ranipuram the Ooty of
Kerala.It is called so because natural beauty is comparable to Ooty which is the
famous hill station in south India.I was very much exited to go to that place.I
equipped myself by taking digicam,some specimen bottle and water with me.
As per our decisicion I reached the Kanhangad bustand at sharp 9 o clock in the morning.My friends where waiting for me. We get into the bus going to Pannathur.
Ranipuram is 40km from Kanhangad.It is a beautiful hillstation located
on the western ghats covered by evergreen shola woods,monsoonforests and the grasslands.extensive forests of Ranipuram merge with forests of Karnataka.
It is 750 m above the sea level.

Our bus passed through SH57.mountains began to appear and road
became curver and curver.I was very much exited to see the beautiful hills outside.
After a short journey of about one and half hour we reached Panathady from where we
have to go rest of the 9 km by jeep.we occupied the back seat of the jeep.Jeep passed through the rocky road bounded by rubber estates and coconut farms.malayalam music in the jeep gave a special thrill to the journey.Jeep stopped at the jeep stand which is 3 km away from Ranipuram

Now our treckking begins.I took my camera outside.But I was totally
confused what to take because every thing looked very beautiful for me.Monkeys where crossing the road .Varities of birds that I never seen before where seen
in the canopies.I got the great chance of seeing the uncommon birds like
Ash drongo&little spider hunter.Different varities of butterflies where flying across us.All this gave us a jocund company.This region is the unexplored territiory of
Nature enthusiasts and bird watchers.

Present maratis form a good number of local population probably the remenants of the earlier settelement from the north.After 3km we reached Ranipuram tourist cottages.Cottages are available here for tourists.Charges ranges from200-
400 per one day.Food will be arranged only if we order them in advance.

Our destination is “mani” which is the top most point of the hill covered
by grasses and it is sourrnded by thick evergreen forests.We have to pass through dense forests to reach our destination.There was a small shop near by.We buyed some biscuts&chips.Near though the cottages a small stream, was flowing
with ice cold water.We washed our hands and faces and had some rest and
again begin our journey.Now our trecking is through the forests.It was very horrible
to go through the dense forests covered by the very large trees.I was amazed to see the height of the trees.Here and there I found beautiful mushrooms.most of them where belonging to the class basidiomycetes.I collected some of the
specimens for my small nature museum in my home.

Leeches found abundance in this forests.It live on the surface of leaves of the plants.When our body come in contact with the leaves it get stick to our body and start sucking blood by injecting anticoagulant into our body.I wasted
much time to remove the leaches from my boots and socces.

Slowly “mani” became visible and forest get converted into the grasslands.
Scenary of the sournding mountains covered by the undulating clouds fascinated me..
Scenary became more and more beautiful as we go upward the hill.In some places
we seen elephants dungs which shows the presence of wild elephants.Atlast
we climbed the top of the “mani”.We became happy as we have climbed the top of the Everest.Strong cold wind was blowing.Beautiful scenary fascinated us.we
sat there and began to eat snacks that we have buyed from the shop bellow.Time was very limited fo us.We began to wind up our journey again though the same way.

This place is the most wonderful tourist spot in the kasargod dist or perhaps
may be in Kerala.But unfortunately I found hardly 1 or 2 tourists that day.It is
because of lack of awareness about the beauty of this place and also due to
lack of good roads ,transpot facilities,hotelsand rooms.if this devolopments occurs in this place no doubt Ranipuram will become one of major touist hub in south India.
Then the name “the Ooty of Kerala”becomes true.
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